About US

HDS is a team of professionals specialized in n healthcare facilities design. Our knowledge is base ed on 20 years of experience in the field.

Born with a vision to “be a leading facilitator or of quality healthcare”, HDS has become synonymou us with managing, designing, consulting, supervising and providinng communications services for healthcare facilities for new hospital projects and to the existing hospitals.

Since its inception in 2008, HDS has evolved into an unmatched centre of excellence which caters to multiple needs of a he healthcare facility, ranging from architecture and engineering to hospitalal management, public health consultancy and supervision.

We at HDS understand the vision and sentim ment behind building a healthcare facility and the unique nature of itss demands. Against this backdrop, we provide an invaluable range of to otal Solutions to suit the elaborate requirements of our clients not only eff fficiently, but with precedence to quality service.

Constantly pushing our horizons beyond excellen ence, we have designed and coordinated hospital projec cts in Lebanon and several countries.


Our main dictum is to revolutionize healthcare indu ndustry by providing comprehensive services to our clien nts proficiently and effectively by being the Value engineers and a turnkey solution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional design ideaas and solutions for our clients through the creative b blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation n, science and art.

Our engineering solutions result from a collabo orative process that encourages multidisciplinary prof fessional teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagi agine new ways to solve the challenges of the built enviro onment.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to assist our clients in achieving the heir goals and objectives within the framework produce maximum res sults in the most cost-effective manner.

We believe our ambition is to carry the projeect toward its target of standard compliance and satisfaction of the client, ent, Doctors, and patients.

Our Services

HDS offers Multidisplinary and customized consulting service for: Healthcare facilities, Medical laboratories, Specialized outpatient services.

Our services includes :

Our Projects Summary

Redesign of the existing hospital (10,000m2) and extension ( 8000m2) Mission: Health planning, frozen drawings, and biomedical design MEP : Mario AZZI

NINI hospital 220 beds: (under construction )

Health planning and Biomedical design for the existing ( 10,000m2) and Extension ( 18,000 m2 ). Architect : Taotel Architect MEP : Mario AZZI PM : EGN consultant QC : APAVE.

Minyara Mother & Child Hospital 50 beds (under construction )

Mission: Health planning, frozen drawings, biomedical design and technical assistance during execution and equipment Architect : Archeville

NUADA Day Surgery (Under equipment )

Mission: Health planning, frozen drawings, and biomedical design for a one day surgery center ( 14 beds ) at 19th Harley street – London Client: EUROPTIMA Architect: Bruce – Architect MEP : EDP environmental

NDU Teaching Hospital 400 beds ( under design )

Mission : Health planning and Biomedical design Client : Maryamite Church Architect : Sud architect – France Electrical: Barbanel Mech : Damous and partners PM : APAVE

Hopital Libanais-Getaoui 250 beds (under construction )

Mission : Health planning and Biomedical design Architect : Builders Contractor : Elie Selwan

Chtoura Hospital 80 beds (under construction )

Redesign of the existing hospital (5,000m2) and extension ( 8000m2) Mission: Health planning, frozen drawings, and biomedical design Consultant : LACECO

Mount Lebanon Hospital 220 Beds building Extension (under construction )

Full design of hospital extension ( 21000m2) Mission: Health planning, frozen drawings, and biomedical design , Electro-Mechanical Design and supervision